Board & Committees


​The Board is responsible for creating an efficient organization and for the overall management of its affairs. The Board shall ascertain that its activities are continuously evaluated. The Board sets the objectives and strategic plans for the Society. The officers of the Board are elected by the Annual Meeting of Members.

David Ekman Krook, CFA


Alexandra Voss, CFA

Vice President

Tanja R. Harrisson, CFA


Christian Guggenheim, CFA


Erick Mokaya, CFA


Simone Hirschvogl, CFA


Joakim Jerner, CFA


Past Presidents

  • 2019 – 2023 Fredrik Nilsson, CFA
  • 2017 – 2019 Rafet Eriskin, CFA
  • 2016 – 2017 Peder Du Rietz, CFA​
  • 2015 – 2016 Anna Jönsson, CFA
  • 2013 – 2015 ​Peder Du Rietz, CFA
  • 2012 – 2013 Marcus Widmark, CFA
  • 2009 – 2012 Henrik Bjerklin, CFA
  • 2004 – 2009 Fredrik Ahlström, CFA
  • 2003 – 2004 Jerker Alexander Källebo, CFA

Executive Office

The Board has appointed the Executive Office to administer CFA Society Sweden's day to day activities, including the contact with members, local candidates and prospective candidates. The Executive Office is also responsible for running the Society's events, updating the website and supporting all committee's work.

Big Green Tree Media AB is the firm appointed to run CFA Society Sweden's Executive Office. Meet the staff:

Aline Gustafsson, CFA

Gülce Demirer

Olivia Mahr


​CFA Society Sweden operates through committee work, performed by members on a voluntary basis. Committee chairs suggest projects, activities and budgets to the Board. The Board approves committee budgets, where overall budget constraints and composition of member offerings are considered as we develop our service offering. We encourage all members to consider serving on one of our committees.

Our Committees:

Executive Committee

The Board can select and hire a Chief Executive Officer or appoint an Executive Committee (EC) to manage ongoing business between Board meetings. For example, the EC is responsible to for the Society’s event calendar and for the ongoing relationship with CFA Institute

  • ​Members of the Executive Committee are:
    Fredrik Nilsson, CFA (President)
    David Ekman Krook, CFA (Vice President)
    Alexander Öhrn, CFA (Member of the Board)
    Aline Reichenberg Gustafsson, CFA (Executive Officer)
    Kim Hansson (Executive Officer)

Nomination Committee

The role of the Nomination Committee is to ensure the succession process of the Board, which includes promoting opportunities to volunteer as board member and recommending for election the most appropriate candidates for election after careful consideration at the Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee also ensures that the Board’s composition reflects, to the extent possible, the diversity of the membership.

Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the Advocacy Committee is to increase understanding of the CFA charter within the Swedish financial industry and also share thought leadership and research made available by the CFA Institute in a way that is both accessible and relevant for the Swedish market. This is done by e.g. sharing relevant LinkedIn posts, contacting industry participants to educate them about the CFA Charter and hosting speakers for educational events.

The goal is also to build a diverse portfolio of learning products (member value) as well as to contribute to the growth of the Society’s member base by strengthening brand awareness and offering relevant services to the members, including candidate members.

  • ​Members of the Advocacy Committee are: Christian Guggenheim, CFA (Secretary), Joakim Jerner, CFA (Board member) and Nikolay Antonov, CFA.

ESG Committee

The purpose of the ESG Committee is to increase the knowledge among its members about current ESG events and trends, as well as more generally about ESG factors in investment decision making. The primary channels to achieve this purpose is the presenting of the annual ESG Award; the continual promotion of the Certificate in ESG Investing; and the hosting of, and participation in various events and conferences where ESG topics form part of the discussion.

Women in Finance Committee

The goal of the Women in Finance committee is to encourage women to join the investment profession as well as supporting them in achieving a successful career in finance, while promoting the CFA brand and education. The Committee aims to achieve its goal through events to inspire women, showcase successful role models and propose concrete solutions to increasing gender diversity in finance, by promoting scholarship for women to achieve the CFA designation and joining forces with other local organisations with similar goals.

  • ​Members of the Women in Finance Committee are: Alexandra Voss, CFA (Chair, Member of the Board) David Ekman Krook, CFA (Member of the Board)

Future Professionals Committee

The goal of the future professionals committee is to support CFA Society Sweden in achieving its third strategic objective to modernize and grow the CFA program as well as to drive younger generations to join the investment profession with high standards of professionalism and ethic. More specifically, the Future Professionals Committee aims to work to increase the number of affiliated universities and provide value to the existing affiliated universities as well as to promote and run the Research Challenge and increase student awareness about the CFA programme.

  • ​Members of the Future Professionals Committee are:
    David Ekman Krook, CFA (Chair, Member of the Board)
    Tanja Harrisson, CFA (Member of the Board)
    Fredrik Nilsson, CFA (President)